Thursday, May 16, 2013

The current world record for aimed bolt-action fire was set in 1914 by a musketry instructor in the British ArmySergeant Instructor Snoxallwho placed 38 rounds into a 12-inch-wide (300 mm) target at 300 yards (270 m) in one minute

Bolt action 10 round clip, good thing the crazies don't pratice...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sorry I just expect them to be consistant...

OK so the Press hammer the Government about Weapons of Mass Destruction that Saddam Hussein has been threatening to use on his borders. When they fail to turn up the intell community gets hammered, then the same press complain that we took (?) the Uranium yellow cake (20 tones) from Saddams weapon development and gave it to Canada. Now we hear of the outrage that Syria is loading nerve gases to use on it's own people, and reported with a straight face is the news that Syria got it from Saddam prior to our invasion.

If the press compared their own reporting of the aera, they might notice that they still run the "10 years later and no "WMDs"", and in the same hour talk of the Saddam / Syrian nerve gases.

Who won that War

The small nation of Israel gets attacked by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. The attackers vow to sweep them into the sea, each expecting to greatly expand their lands. Israel wins. Israel pushes the borders to defendable lines, it gets what it needs after all it won. The defeated nations refuse to accept their own citizens back as refugees, forcing them to be unwanted residents in concured land. Jordanians on the west bank cannot retreat to Jordan along with the defeated army, Likewise the citizens of the other 3 nations. Left stranded and labeled as Palestinians by their home countries, they live isolated and abandoned.

50 years later ... Our President is committing money to pay for Syrian refuges that live in Jordan and opining that the Jordanians left behind in 67 deserve their own nation. What's wrong with the picture that we offer to pay for sierians hiding in Jordan, but the Jordanians left behind as a festering wound in Israel deserve a nation of their own? Funny how they accept our money and each others refuges but not their own.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The timing analysis of the last two mass shootings shows that the rate of fire could have been achieved with a single fire weapon. My 1909 Springfield trapdoor, arguable the first American assault weapon could have sustained the necessary rate of fire, and how would changing the law on magazine capacity alter that?

Friday, December 21, 2012

28 not 26

There were 28 victims last week. If we forget about the mentally ill child and his mother we will never solve the problem, only the symptoms

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

anything for a buck?

press integrity
I chatted with Hue Nibley once about the integrity of the press. He spoke of an experience just before the D-day invasion, they took requests from the press as to which units they would like to ride into the invasion with. The invasion was outlined and each group was shown, so that home town or reader base could be catered to. At the end of the briefing they told the gathered civilian newsmen that any leak would cost lives and they trusted them to go back to their hotels and wait for the call of the launch without letting on to their home papers/news services etc. The whole press corps lived up to the trust and there was no leak. The attack was delayed because of bad weather and still no leak. The call went out and the invasion was on, and still no leak. When allied command held a press conference an said the invasion was on, the news broke. Makes you wonder what happen in the 60 years that have intervened. Now we hear the press brake their stories with , having obtained the documents from some other press outlet we feel it out obligation to brake this previously top secret government document that was treasonably obtained and will probably cost lives , but we didn't steel it and we are not the first to make it available soo... blah blah right after this hugely profitable add runs that we surcharge to be played between the brake lead and the story body...
A new Aztec religion, based on the delusional conception gathered from cartoons on how to save the world and balance the karma of the morning shows and talking heads...

I have an overwhelming desire to assert my religious rights and start a new religion. First a bit of background.

Reading the federalist papers and other writings of the day to argue the necessity of the first ten amendments it becomes obvious that they were to be applied with the same even tempered hand. One cannot say the first is absolute freedom of the press no matter what and turn and restrict the others to fit ones whims. As an aside it is also clear that the second amendment is to grant that the population is freely armed so that a militia can be raised fully equipped from the general population against all enemies including the government if it becomes necessary. It's the background threat that keeps the ambitions of the "king men" at bay. ( but that is a whole nuther rant)
A new Aztec religion, conked others, cut out and offer beating hart as sacrifice.
If I am wrong about the absolute exercise of the first amendment as it is espoused by the press and their supporters, let me join the happy throng and help push the boundaries they hold so dear and limitless, apply that logic to religion and my free exercise of a religious pageant display of faith and message. It's just religious art and my way of writing my message on the publics conscious that I exercise with a knife on an alter, live for the news to binge in .
I need to go to Florida grab the Koran burner (Paster Terry Jones) and use the same freedom that he uses to endangers troops . If it's his freedom of press/free speech and religion that lets him act out then that same freedom should let me exercise my religion (then will the absolutist say that they hate what I do, but will defend my right to my speech/press/religion as I see it) , and don't get me started on the leak that needs started in wikieleaks founders (Julian Paul Assange) chest. Let the westbroro Baptist protest at that funeral so I can add them to the list.
Manson didn't do it, helter skelter and all, he cased it to happen and our system says it's the same. Should we let Charlie have a net broadcast and TV show and vote and guns, or should we make some reckless endangerment arrests and tell a few people they have pushed the boundary of polite society too far?
If I just use the arguments used to assert the presses absolute rights of speech and apply them to my new religion... what a trash world it would be... I know in some ways it's an argument to absurdity but the problem is that there are at least three examples of how absurd the way of things has gotten and the lives and peace of mind of many have been put at risk by letting them push the limits to absurdity, I might not be able to define it well but I know it when I see it, stop screaming slippery slope at me and clean up these crazies before more problems are created, or tune in to the happy Manson shows latest tweet...

If you look where we are going you will see where we will end up.