Saturday, March 23, 2013

Who won that War

The small nation of Israel gets attacked by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. The attackers vow to sweep them into the sea, each expecting to greatly expand their lands. Israel wins. Israel pushes the borders to defendable lines, it gets what it needs after all it won. The defeated nations refuse to accept their own citizens back as refugees, forcing them to be unwanted residents in concured land. Jordanians on the west bank cannot retreat to Jordan along with the defeated army, Likewise the citizens of the other 3 nations. Left stranded and labeled as Palestinians by their home countries, they live isolated and abandoned.

50 years later ... Our President is committing money to pay for Syrian refuges that live in Jordan and opining that the Jordanians left behind in 67 deserve their own nation. What's wrong with the picture that we offer to pay for sierians hiding in Jordan, but the Jordanians left behind as a festering wound in Israel deserve a nation of their own? Funny how they accept our money and each others refuges but not their own.

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