Thursday, October 9, 2008

What did we let go on?

We control the creative beast of industry with regulations requiring responsibility for our actions. We must not rely on the good faith of businessman for they will always answer "nothing personal, just business" as they rape and pillage.
Without law there is no responsibility. If we have removed the penalty what performance do we expect or deserve.
A strong and sharp cinch collar is a gift of obedience to a pet. It is not the rings of giges that business needs , no matter how much they pine for it , rather a collar that permits learning limits and behavior.
As we have not properly spelled out the responsibility and punishments for pillaging our economy , a lesson that should have been obvious from the "Enron" experience, we must pass regulations that make it impossible to profit by that behavior, as we will see in the upcoming dissection of the finical debacle now ongoing, the testimony in and before congress, "Yes I may have made millions on these bad judgments and the company I ran is now in federal receivership but it was just business and I didn’t do anything wrong.
We as a society , in not leashing the beast permitted the wrong and we need to punish those who took the opening not let them hid behind the "only business" excuse, we didn’t let Himmler use it and we should not let wall street.

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