Tuesday, April 26, 2011

anything for a buck?

350,000 slaves imported from Africa.
The war that finalized their freedom cost the lives of a million dead solders
of the 12 million taken from Africa as slaves the US received only 19% and gave life for life 3 to one to correct the problem so that their descendants would live in the #1 economy in the world
so who owes what?
Slavery is a crime no matter what the law says, but it was first a black on black crime as African tribes raided each other took bounty and slaves. First a crime against fellow tribes of kidnapping and slavery, then a crime of selling to the Spanish traders who then sold the illegal property to the world and a fraction to the US.
So what if any debt do modern Americans owe to the descendants of ether group, the slaves or their liberators. When Mahatma Gandhi organized post colonial India the policy was made that past waves of conquest and subjection and poisonous policy were past, that there was no fair way to sort the debt, so the nation would let it go and not be repeated. There were many objections but overall it was fair and a great start for the future.
In an era of black millionaire sports figures complain of white privilege I am astounded that I and my minimal tax contribution should be held liable for some astronomical compensation plan.
Funny how we can be all about fairness , equality and forgiveness with each responsible for himself till the chance comes up to make a dime more or rub someones face in the mud

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That is an excellent question.