Tuesday, April 26, 2011

anything for a buck?

press integrity
I chatted with Hue Nibley once about the integrity of the press. He spoke of an experience just before the D-day invasion, they took requests from the press as to which units they would like to ride into the invasion with. The invasion was outlined and each group was shown, so that home town or reader base could be catered to. At the end of the briefing they told the gathered civilian newsmen that any leak would cost lives and they trusted them to go back to their hotels and wait for the call of the launch without letting on to their home papers/news services etc. The whole press corps lived up to the trust and there was no leak. The attack was delayed because of bad weather and still no leak. The call went out and the invasion was on, and still no leak. When allied command held a press conference an said the invasion was on, the news broke. Makes you wonder what happen in the 60 years that have intervened. Now we hear the press brake their stories with , having obtained the documents from some other press outlet we feel it out obligation to brake this previously top secret government document that was treasonably obtained and will probably cost lives , but we didn't steel it and we are not the first to make it available soo... blah blah right after this hugely profitable add runs that we surcharge to be played between the brake lead and the story body...

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