Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A new Aztec religion, based on the delusional conception gathered from cartoons on how to save the world and balance the karma of the morning shows and talking heads...

I have an overwhelming desire to assert my religious rights and start a new religion. First a bit of background.

Reading the federalist papers and other writings of the day to argue the necessity of the first ten amendments it becomes obvious that they were to be applied with the same even tempered hand. One cannot say the first is absolute freedom of the press no matter what and turn and restrict the others to fit ones whims. As an aside it is also clear that the second amendment is to grant that the population is freely armed so that a militia can be raised fully equipped from the general population against all enemies including the government if it becomes necessary. It's the background threat that keeps the ambitions of the "king men" at bay. ( but that is a whole nuther rant)
A new Aztec religion, conked others, cut out and offer beating hart as sacrifice.
If I am wrong about the absolute exercise of the first amendment as it is espoused by the press and their supporters, let me join the happy throng and help push the boundaries they hold so dear and limitless, apply that logic to religion and my free exercise of a religious pageant display of faith and message. It's just religious art and my way of writing my message on the publics conscious that I exercise with a knife on an alter, live for the news to binge in .
I need to go to Florida grab the Koran burner (Paster Terry Jones) and use the same freedom that he uses to endangers troops . If it's his freedom of press/free speech and religion that lets him act out then that same freedom should let me exercise my religion (then will the absolutist say that they hate what I do, but will defend my right to my speech/press/religion as I see it) , and don't get me started on the leak that needs started in wikieleaks founders (Julian Paul Assange) chest. Let the westbroro Baptist protest at that funeral so I can add them to the list.
Manson didn't do it, helter skelter and all, he cased it to happen and our system says it's the same. Should we let Charlie have a net broadcast and TV show and vote and guns, or should we make some reckless endangerment arrests and tell a few people they have pushed the boundary of polite society too far?
If I just use the arguments used to assert the presses absolute rights of speech and apply them to my new religion... what a trash world it would be... I know in some ways it's an argument to absurdity but the problem is that there are at least three examples of how absurd the way of things has gotten and the lives and peace of mind of many have been put at risk by letting them push the limits to absurdity, I might not be able to define it well but I know it when I see it, stop screaming slippery slope at me and clean up these crazies before more problems are created, or tune in to the happy Manson shows latest tweet...

If you look where we are going you will see where we will end up.

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